Boston Red Sox Pattern

As much as it pains me as I am a Yankees fan, a friend of mine is expecting a baby and they are huge Red Sox fans. I was hoping to make a baby blanket with either the B or the Twin Sox on it. Does anyone have a pattern for the B or the Twin Sox and I can implement it into a basic background? Thanks for your help once again!

I am in the exact same boat! I, too, have been hunting for the ‘B’. If I find one, I’ll let you know! Go Yanks!

As you can probably tell, I am a Sox fan :slight_smile: I would LOVE a pattern for that - great Christmas gift for DH!!


Surely somone out there can figure it out for us!

Can you make a pattern from a counted cross stitch pattern? It seems that since it is possible to knit from a graph that it could be done. I found a cross stitch book on ebay with 4 great patterns. Luck!

Fist URL didn’t work, hope this one does.:slight_smile:

How about searching Google Images for a good one and putting it through Knitpro?

She must be a REALLY good friend ( says another Yankees fan!)
I hope you find a pattern. The cross stitch idea sounds like a good start.

I happen to have two red sox patterns. one is the round logo and the other is the big B logo. Both of these are for latch hook, but they are on a large easy to read graph and it is broken up into sections, like one page would be the left bottom, the next page would be the bottom middle, the next page would be the right bottom, etc… Would this be helpful to you?:stuck_out_tongue:

:cheering: :yay:

Hey, I’m also a Red Sox fan! (I’m in Germany, and I watched the game Sunday night, you have no idea how late I had to stay up and still work the next day. But being abroad doesn’t mean you’re not part of the Nation anymore).

Anyway, I don’t remember where I saw it, and I’ve since lost the bookmark, but on one of the Stitch n’ Pitch type things, there was a sock pattern that included charted logos (for knitting) for all the MLB teams. (The sock pattern can even be made with pinstripes for … other teams)

Red Sox here too!!! TB is goin DOWNNNN!!! :woot:

I’ve looked all over for patterns, charts, graphs… if you have one, please please please share! I’ve almost resorted to graph paper and colored pencils, but I just don’t have the time…

OMG, it just occurred to me to check ralvery :doh: Here’s a link, if you’re a member.

and some other projectsfrom ravelry.

I feel your pain. You are a very good friend.

Here’s the Stitch & Pitch link:

The Bo***n chart is on page 22 of the pdf. Just enlarge it and away you go.

Next year, with Posada, Wang and Chamberlain healthy…

TB is not going down, The Red sox will be stung by by the Rays! GO RAYS!


Such a great idea!

Are you planning on making it larger though? It would be soo cute on a onesie!

Good luck and go SOXS!

I’ don’t like the red sox, but…

…I made this: :slight_smile:


Andres, that’s awesome, thank you!!!

Rays win 2nd game of the playoff. GO RAYS!!!