Boston knitters unite!

Any Boston knitters out there? We sould start a knitting group, how fun would that be?!

Ah if you only lived closer! I’m 1 1/2 hours south of you in Taunton!

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and I’m about an hour south, too (attleboro)

I grew up in MA, and half my family lives there. Does that count?

Hey my dad lives in Taunton. Call him up and teach him to knit. I live in Oregon but we go back to visit MA every august. We usually stay at my mum’s house on the cape though.

Haverhill here!

There’s an informal group of folks that meet in the basement of Pandemonium (a local sci-fi/fantasy bookstore). We just started meeting October and meet Thursday nights on a bunch of comfy sofas they have there. The group was started as a “crafty” group-- not purely knitting-- but really, we’re mostly knitters these days (from 4-10 folks, usually on the higher side).

Pandemonium Bookstore is located right in Central Square (Red Line), just behind the 7-11 next to the Cambridge post office and kitty-corner from Cambridge City Hall. We meet from 7-10ish and there’s some really nifty folks/projects going on, and a mix of many different folks. We’re talking of doing a yarn swap soon, and taking extra stuff to work on projects for good causes.

There’s also a few other groups-- I just heard of one that meets at a local yarn store in Porter Square, but I’ve yet to check it out.

Feel free to c’mon by and meet the gang. :^)

:?? I thought Pandemonium was the name of the book store in Harvard Square, near the Newbury Comics. Did they move?

Yep! They just reopened in their new location a few months ago. New location, BIGGER and more COMFY, and half the basement has tables for in-store gaming, the other half has comfy couches! And the third half has games-stuff. A three-half basement! :^b


That’s awesome. I only went there a few times, but I liked it. I tended to avoid the trek to Cambridge because I used to get lost there a lot. :teehee:

I probably won’t have time to check it out next time I’m in Boston (Tuesday), but if I get this job ( :pray: ) I’ll definitely be showing up.

Thanks for the info Pancho! I’ll have to come check it out sometime soon!!

FYI-- won’t be meeting next Thursday (the store’s closed on Thanksgiving, I think), but the following Thursday (and the first one in December), we’ll also be having a yarn/stuff swap-- bring any yarns/needles/etc you’ve got that you’d like to trade for something else. Some of our number got lots of various needles/types from eBay and Amazon and want to trade for sizes they don’t have, and so forth.

Good luck with the job prospect ::knocks on wood:: and have a happy holiday!

Hooray for Pandemonium finally getting play space. I know that was a real crimp in their style for a loong time, and cost them some business (to Danger Planet in Waltham, which had ample play space).

The yarn store in Porter Square, which is on the other side of the parking lot from the supermarket - that little side street behind the CVS - has knitting groups, spinning groups, and offers classes. However, last I checked they charge for their ‘social’ knitting groups.

Circles in JP is near the Green St. T station, and they have a weekly knit-in. You have to show up early though, as that back room gets cramped quickly.

I was wondering - is there an interest in a monthly tea and knitting group? I’ve been trying to organize a tea aficionado’s group, and if we could get some knitters who love tea to come along, that would rock.

There are tea places in the Norwood/Attleboro area (Teas and Trinkets is still open, yes??), and also a new one in Salem, MA that I just heard about… if folks didn’t want to do the whole city thing (although I’ve heard nice things about the tea room at the Boston Public Library).

My in-laws live in the Foxboro area so if any of you “South Shore” knitters could swing something that way this winter, I’d be onboard for that!

This is such a fortuitous post!

  1. I just moved to Boston this week and I was hoping to find a knitting group.

  2. I was in Harvard Square yesterday with a local knitter friend who wanted to show me the cool little bookstore in the Garage, only to be disappointed that it was closed.

I’ll try to make it out to Pandemonium some upcoming Thursday. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Anyone near Lowell? I am just starting to knit…taking a break from :wall: LOL. I need more patience and obviously more practice. My mom is in town visiting from PA, and she has offered to teach me how to knit, but I wanted to have a little bit of an idea of what I’m doing before she sits with me. I’m also left handed, and she’s a rightie.

Anyway, are there other knitters in my area?

I’m in Wakefield, about 10 minutes northeast of Boston. We’re quite a boring town. We do have a yarn store here, but I have yet to visit it. :oops:

I know where that is—my father grew up there, and my aunt & uncle still live there.

Whereabouts is the yarn store?

I know where that is—my father grew up there, and my aunt & uncle still live there.

Whereabouts is the yarn store?[/quote]
It’s on the corner of Albion and Foster Sts about a block off of Main St. It’s next to a bead store. is their website.

Ok all you Boston and Mass knitters…I am stying to start a team for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Its May 19-20 and you walk Saturday either a 1/2 marathon or a whole (you choose), then they have a camp that everyone stays at, they provide tents, food, entertainment, etc. On Sunday you walk another 1/2 marathon. It costs $55 to walk, and you raise $1800 that goes towards differernt breast cancer causes. You get sent a t-shirt, and all fundraising materials to help you raise the money. My point in posting this is to ask if anyone would like to sign up, and when I get my team together to join my team. I think this would be such a cool way to meet some knitters and its for a good cause! You can pm me and let me know if you’d like to join, I’d love to have some KHer’s on the team! :cheering:

For all those people who hate schlepping across the river to Cambridge, I think that there might possibly be a knitting group that meets at Windsor Button (it’s on Temple Place, right next to the Boston Common). But I’m not sure.