Borken rib stitch - correct pattern?


it says to do this for broken stitch

1st row - K3, * P1,K3, rep from * to end.
2nd row - K1, * P1,K3, rep from * to last 2 sts, P1, K1.

the outcome doesn’t look like what the picture shows, the ribs don’t stand out as much and aren’t as defined. Is this pattern correct?


Looks o.k. It should look same if you have the right number of sts and same yarn. You need to have a multiple of 4 sts + 3. A different yarn or guage than what the pattern suggested also can make a stitch look slightly different.
Do a Test by casting on 23 sts, and work that stitch for about 2 inches & see how it looks.

How many rows have you done? The ribbing might not stand out as much if you only have a few rows.

In this pattern

in the shaping neck part it says “patt 28 turn” Is it telling me to cast on 28 stitches and use broken stitch to knit it?


That would mean work the next 28 sts in the pattern st, which is the broken rib pattern.

after I knit the front section… up to where it states to knit to… do I go on to the neck section? or jump it go straight to the Shape shoulder on the next column on the same page?
then go back to the neck at ***?
I’m really confused.

Also what does it mean by “rem 7 stitches” ? the remaining 7 stitches? hwo to join yarn to this?

with the work 28 stitches and turn for the neck… that means to make a ‘U’ shape in the middle of the piece for the neck? am I right? If I only knit the sides… should I be doing anything with the “u” shape or leave it on a stitch holder?


So do what it says in the Front section, which is to work the same as for the Back, up to where you BO for the Armhole shaping. Do what it says for the Front Armhole, then go on.

When you cast off the 7 sts at the beg of 2 RS rows, you’ll have 7 left. Then you cast off those.

Leave the center U sts of the neck on the stitch holder, you’ll be doing them at the end of the pattern for the neckband or turtleneck.