i am so bored i would like to knit a blanket any one know od a simple lace stitch i would appreciate your help

One of the simplest blankets to knit is a stockinette background with garter stitch borders. This pattern makes a nice one
Rows 1-6 Knit

Row 7 Knit 6, purl across, Knit 6

Row 8 (Right Side) Knit across.

Rows 9- 15- repeat rows 7 & 8 three times; them repeat row 7 one more time.

Rows 16-19 Knit across.

Row 20 Knit 7,YO,(YO, Knit 2 tog) across to last 6 stitches ,Knit 6.

Row 21-24 Knit across.
repeat rows 7-24 for the pattern .The number to cast on just needs to be an odd number to work, there is no multiple of number stitches to worry about. I have used this pattern to make several baby blankets and every one loves it. It is very pretty if you run a very narrow ribbon in and out of the eyelets, making a bow at each end and stitch it down to anchor it. it works in a solid color or a multicolor yarn from every weight of yarn from baby yarn to bulky yarn. Hope this snaps you out of your boredom.