Bored at work

Was knitting along and finished one of the squares for my afghan, and figured I didn’t want to start another one. So I decided to try a Staghorn cable. One small problem, no cable needle. Anyway, figured I didn’t want to wait until I got home to practice, so picked up a ball point pen with a plastic shaft and used IT for the cable needle, and it worked and am now done with the staghorn…

in case anybody is wondering Staghorn cable is knitted on a background of Reverse St st, and goes like this:

  1. K4, C4B, C4F, K4
  2. Purl
  3. K2, C4B, K4, C4F, K2
  4. Purl
  5. C4B, K8, C4F
  6. Purl
    Repeat from *

No pic that I can post, but you can view pretty much what staghorn looks like here:
you’ll have to scroll down a little to see it, it’s attached to a couple of needles.

Any pics? :oops:

oooh, I like that cable and now I have threads bookmarked and i want the book she mentions. THANKS ALOT! :lol: Yet more stuff to read and try. :wink:


hehehehe…she… :stuck_out_tongue:

the ‘she’ at threads… :wink:

oooooooooh look at you ruinin’ my giggle…lol

When I saw the bored at work I had to read this lol. 6:45 am and I am at work early … I have a question… (very newbie knitter here, working up the nerve to try cables! lol) what is C4B and C4F? :oops: Thanks! anne
:sunny: ps thanks to you all for keeping me company at work!

That is the cabling part of the pattern… “cable 4 fwd” or “cable 4 back”

Amy has some GREAT videos on cabling on the “advanced” page!

Thanks Kelly! :cheering: I went into the abbreviations… will take a look at the video… all of her others are great! Thanks Amy! :notworthy:

Hi, glad you found the photo useful.


I love that pattern and this came just as my daughter came home complaining that someone had taken her old cap. I can whip this up today and have her ears warm and cozy at the bus stop tomorrow.

Thanks so much for sharing that delightful pattern.

[COLOR=“YellowGreen”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][B]Very thrifty use of a pen. That Staghorn Cable Pattern is beautiful. I am a sucker for cables and I have not seen that specific cable pattern before. Thanks I have been inspired by it to make a gift for a friend. :happydance: Thanks a bunch![/B][/FONT][/COLOR]