Border Problem on Shawl

Okay I have been redirected here so hopefully someone can help a very furstrated, soon to be grandma who cannot finnish beautiful shawl. Pattern - Patons PBN D 5345

The problem lies within the instructions for border on shawl. I have 721 + 8 I have to cast on (729), there are 17 rows in pattern (rep rows 2-17 until all sts worked on shawl)

Row 1 (rs) K7,k2tog turn (this is the prob how do you turn)
Row 2 sL1k, k5 yfwd, k2
Row 3 yfwd, k2tog, k6 k2tog turn (how do you yfwd at the beginning of row.
Every alt row is a turn.

Please if anyone can help I would be very grateful as aging by the minute

Row 1 (rs) K7,k2tog turn (this is the prob how do you turn)
Turn is what you normally would do at the end of the row except that here you turn after 9sts. Don’t worry about the unworked sts on the needle, you’ll get to them later. Take the needle from you right hand and hold it in your left hand and proceed with the directions for the next row.

Yarn forward by bringing the yarn to the front and over the needle in your right hand and then to the back to k2tog.
Nice project! Enjoy working on it and welcome to knitting help.

Eureka - Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Problem solved. It just seemed to go against the grain to put yarn forward at the beginning of a row, but it worked thanks to your advice.

You have made one oldish lady vey happy. Not used to being defeated and can usually tackle most thngs. Will now finish shawl on time

Many thanks

There’s no stopping you! Congratulations on the upcoming grand baby and welcome to KnittingHelp.