Border, Patchwork Blocks, Blankie size?

[li]Can anyone identify what stitch makes up this border? I’ve never even knitted a border so I have no clue. Sorry the picture is horrible.[/li][li][/li][li]When making a patchwork blanket with different pattern blocks is there a “guide” to keeping them similar size? Or is it guess work.[/li][li]IYO how big should a baby blanket be with hopes of it continuing to used through the toddler years. In the baby years I know it shouldn’t be too big for safety sake.[/li][*]I know it’s suggested to knit strips of blocks together to eliminate seaming (which I’m all for!). This means horizontal strips? What are the downfalls of knitting the whole thing together.[/ol]:thumbsup: OMG, thank you for answering even just one of these! The plan is coming together.

The border looks like it’s knit with the short edge on the needles and sewn on. I imagine it’s just a yo, k2tog deal.

If I were making a patchwork blanket, I’d most likely work it all in one piece. The only real drawback might be the number of strands hanging off the back. However, if you’re making squares that have different gauges, you might run into size issues. :think: One square might require more stithces than another to be the same size.