Border on Bolero - Joining Stockinette piece to Garter piece - best stitch?

Hi knowledgeable people!

I’m knitting the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Bolero. I’m in the process of sewing on the border which is garter stitch to the main body which is stockinette. I am attempting matress stitch although I am kind of making it up as I go along as I am not sure of the proper method for working with two pieces in these stitches. I tried back stitch but it looked messy.
Both ways of jointing don’t seem to lie flat either?!

Hopefully someone can help!

Oh ouch. This one is a tough project, the joining the border to the body. There is no ‘best stitch’ IMO. [B]Maybe very very careful weaving back and forth from one edge to the other would work, taking great pains to take teensy stitches.[/B] Many knitters over at Ravelry are complaining that it’s very difficult to join this garter stitch band to the body. So it’s not just you!

You’re sure right…the border just won’t lie flat. It’s tricky.

Click this link below and see what another knitter did as a PLAN B:

I really like what she did! It looks good from the Outside and the Inside! And personally, if I was going to knit this adorable baby bolero, I’d do what she did! I’d skip that separately knit garter stitch border that needs to be seamed onto the edges all around!

A lot of those that tried doing it the way the pattern indicates…well, few of them lie flat, and most of them are a hot mess on the inside view. Ugh. And the knitters themselves don’t mind saying so.

BTW…185 knitters over at Ravelry have made, or are in the process of knitting this baby bolero. I haven’t read through all 7 pages of notes each knitter might have shared…but I suggest that we should! We might find more tips for that border! Plan C, Plan D, etc.

I do this on a regular basis…read thru all the project notes that other knitters have taken the time to share. It’s saved my ‘bacon’ many a time! I’ve avoided problems, and/or I’ve found remedies for problems!

I’m back! I’ve seen another great Plan B! Click link below!

Oh no! Doesn’t seem like this pattern is great when you get to this point.

I’m not sure how I would do the first link and the second - well I can’t crochet but would love to!

I’ll have a look through what other knitters have said - thanks very much for the tips!

I have only really knitted garmets from Debbie Bliss patterns and I always seem to hit something like this that is overly complicated! As beautiful as they are it is a little frustrating!

Looking at Ralvery it looks like it is an issue for alot of people!! Might continue a bit further with matress stitch and see how it looks…

A good tip, if you want to continue to work on the mattress seaming: poke your needle in as close to the very edge as you can; and make sure you consistently poke in and out at the same distance from the very edge all the way along your trip! This ensures that there won’t be too much of a bulky seam from the inside view, plus it will be even and not lumpy.

Another tip: I use teeny baby clippies (that you get at the grocery store) to hold my two pieces securely together, removing the baby clippies one by one as I seam up to them.

The point is, clipping your entire garter stitch border to the entire sweater edges BEFORE beginning to mattress your way along has another distinct advantage: you’ll be able to evenly distribute the garter stitch border around all those curved edges.

Not easy to do at all, I agree. I’ve gotten around situations like this by weaving a strand of yarn on a tapistry needle back and forth between the body and the border. It’s a bit like matress stitch but doesn’t leave a seam becasue the two edges are abutted. You pick up at the very edge of one piece and move on a bit farther to pick up the very edge on the other piece. The yarn travels in a zig-zag linking border and body. It’s not absolutely the sturdiest seam but it works.

Thanks guys.

I might try weaving OR what do you guys think about going off pattern and picking up the stitches? I have seen a few people have done this instead. I’m okay with picking up stitches but a little nervous about going off pattern!

Picking up stitches around the body of the bolero? That sounds like a good idea to me. It’s a much better join and seam between the bolero and the border. Pick up a few extra sts, or space the sts more closely at corners or obvious curves and it’ll be fine.

Picking up stitches around the edge of the bolero is what those other Ravelry knitters did! It looks great. That’s what I would do. The girl in the first link picked up stitches all around, then worked ribbing, K2P2 ribbing.

Are you thinking about doing ribbing, or garter stitch, after you’ve picked up stitches?

I was going to do rib but then on a whim I have opted for garter - I hope I made the right decision?! I’ve picked up the stitches and I think it will be better this way, just need to knit a few more rows to see how it’s looking.

Good for you! As Salmonac mentioned, you need to be sure to pick up a few more stitches around the curves. This will allow the band to ‘turn the curve’ without flipping under or flipping up.

Normally, you’d pick up 3 stitches for every 4 stitches on the sweater’s edge. Around curves, I pick up 4 for 4.

I think you’re right in your approach…just do it, and evaluate the outcome. If you don’t like it, rip it down and do it over. I don’t hesitate to do buttonbands over if they don’t look just right.