Border on baby blanket question

Hi all!

I want to knit this:

The idea of creating a border by picking up stitches and doing it in the round seems like tons of extra work. (unless I have to because it will probably need blocking) I was thinking about doing a simple garter stitch border- can I just cast on (plus 6 stitches), then do 3 rows of garter stitch, then add 3 knit stitches on the beg & end of each row instead? How would that look do you think?

(Edited to add that lace edge border that you sew on looks very fabulous- but 1) it’s kinda girly and this might be a boy and 2) I don’t want to pick something so hard that I swear off knitting entirely and go back to making potholders with the loops on that silly loom instead.)

Also- any idea what size circular needle I would need for that many stitches? The recommended gauge is 4.5 needle (US size 7, right?)- I am confused. I don’t have any circular needles.

Will my desire for little baby leaves kill me?

I appreciate all the help I can get on this! Thanks!

You could use 24-29" circulars, it’s just to get more sts comfortably on the needles than using straights. You could definitely knit a garter border, though maybe 8 extra sts for the edges, and 4-8 rows of garter at the beginning and end of it.

OK- 3 rows probably would be too narrow- maybe I will do 6 rows & 12 extra (6 on each side) for a simple border. Thanks for the circular info!