Border knitting

I am making a very simple baby’s blanket (starting with three stiches and increasing each row by one). I would like to add an extra fancy border around the blanket to add a little more color. How do I do that?..thanks…tlancast

I would crochet a contrasting color after the blanket is finished.
Or, you could ‘pick up’ stitches and knit them in a nice pattern after the blanket is finished.

Here is a little baby’s jumper that I added a crochet edging to:

I think it added just enough! And it was easy-peasy! You can add several layers of this little scallop, too! I just layered it once.

Here is a stashghan I made for my granddaughter! I added a double layer of the scallops in contrasting color!

Is the border sewed on or attached using the crochet/knitting needles? Tlancast

It is crocheted right into the edge.

Here are some links that have crochet videos!