Border gauge question

Hello! I’m back with another question about this crazy pattern!

I have frogged this 4 times and am determined to make this work. The ends curl and, since I only have 200 yards of yarn, I will probably end up sewing the ends together and making a cowl. However, it has a very chunky edge and it curls like mad so I wanted to add a border on all 4 sides but when I do, it’s REALLY loose and I know that when I start cabling it will tighten up and look horrible.

I’m using #10 needles, do I need to go down a few needle sizes for the border and then go up for the cabling? Is there a typical bump down in needle size with this type of problem?

OR…do I learn a new cast on…like a provisional cast on, so I can knit the two ends together when I’m done? And just add a little border at the two edges and not the top and bottom?

AAAHHH! I don’t know what to do and I want to get on with this project and I’m SICK of frogging!!!

Thanks for any help!

Well, I don’t really know the answer. I can tell you it curls because that’s what stockinette does. Even with a border it can be a pain. How far have you gotten before you frogged?

It’s not unusual to work the border one or two needle sizes down. Certainly with this pattern, the cables are going to pull in the knit fabric.
The designer mentions the curl at the ends but she tucks the ends in like a cowl. I think that given the amount of yarn you have, a cowl with joined ends is a great solution.
Provisional cast ons are a wonderful tool to learn. You can then either graft the ends or do 3 needle bind off.


Jan, I have most recently gotten as far as like 5" or 6" before I frogged. This last time I frogged because my needles slipped out of the loops and I lost some and then couldn’t get them back correctly. It was quite frustrating. But, I kinda wanted to frog anyway because I didn’t like the curl at the edge.

I don’t love the idea of a border for this anyway, I like the cleanness of the design without one. But it was just rolling up in a tube. It was the most curling I have ever seen. I never thought of this pattern being stockinette but, you’re completely right, it is.

I think I’ll learn a provisional cast on and then join with a 3 needle bind off, which I have done before.

Thanks so much!

Oh my gosh! That provisional cast on! I had to do it three times and it’s still not right! UNH! This time, however, I just kept going. I have to quit frogging and restarting because it’s alpaca and it’s starting to look horrible. It’s all felty and fuzzy.

SO…Now just to enjoy the ride and try not to make any more mistakes. HAHA!

I use the crochet hook method for provisional cast on.