Well I went to Michael’s and Walmart tonight looking for DPNs and size 15 circulars…neither store had either! Ah so I got home and ordered some from Mary Maxim…gotta make a big-booty baby blanket for my friends’ new baby, plus I may make one for their 3 year old boy…hey kids like blankets, too! :wink: So can y’all recommend a good sock yarn that’s affordable? :XX:

Love your sig… Milk bar… :roflhard:

Knitpicks as some nice sock yarn that’s not too expensive.

Here’s some more that comes 10 to a bag.

Thanks Jan! I picked out this yarn to make some groovy socks with…if I aquire the patience to finish them! :oops:

I like that one, too. Very pretty! Are you using sock yarn for the blankie?

Hmm no, I bought 3 skeins of Red Heart Baby Clouds in Pale Blue for one blanket, for the other blanket I bought 3 skeins each Lion Brand Homespun in Sunshine State and Spring Green, gonna try double strand or wehatever it’s called :lol: Hence the need for size 15 circular needles that Walmart and Michael’s are too lame to carry!

Tip for the baby clouds. Let the mom know that she should not dry it. It washes allright but I made the mistake of drying my sons blanket and it really isn’t as nice any more. My daughters poncho was made out of the same stuff but never thrown in the dryer and is still looking good. :thumbsup:

Honestly it may say not to on the label but I never looked, but to be on the safe side I thought that I would let you know. :thumbsup:

going to be a beautiful blanket :smiley:

Oh boy…I would hate to have a baby blanket that isn’t machine wash AND dryable!

:thinking: Maybe I should that that yarn back to Michael’s and exchange it?

If I remember correctly, the Baby Clouds is 100% acrylic. That means that it won’t take much to dry since the spin cycle will remove most of the water in it. I had a few blankets for my youngest 2 that were “special care”. They were either hand wash or delicate wash. In any case, I would throw them into the washer, then fold them up slightly to keep them from getting too stretched, and hang to dry in the laundry room, using a heavy duty clothes hanger. The only one that took a long time to dry was the cotton one. All of the rest {acrylics and blends} would often be dry by the time I finished the laundry for the day, or by the next morning at latest.

To make a long story short, I would say that it’s not that much trouble, and not worth it to return the yarn if you {and the mom} like it. I would just tell the Mom to wash it as normal, but to throw it over a hanger or a clothes dryer rack to dry.

I agree, I have a lot of baby blankets that were made for my boys and I washed them carefully and often hung them dry just to be safe, I wanted them to stay nice for my future grandchildren. I didn’t mind throwing them over the shower rod, they dried quickly and I loved the extra strokes I gave them in the process that always made me think of the person who made them and how much that person loved us. Maybe I am just a sap. :wink:

Guess I just never had anything worth drip drying. :rollseyes: When it comes to kids I’ve always been a big proponent of wash and dry. I won’t even buy anyone a stuff animal that won’t go in the washer.

i made a fabric-backed baby blanket with sugar n’ cream yarn from jo-ann

i actually washed and dried the knitted part before adding the backing and it came out great - just as soft or softer than it started…

it is all cotton though… so it’s a considerably heavier blanket than it would’ve been made with wool or acrylic. cotton is dense