Bootleg Kids Doll

Having had this pattern booklet for a few years and trying once before to make this doll and failed . I was inspired by Liezelmiller’s post of her completed doll which looked great .
So i gave it another go and i am so happy i did . :slight_smile:
I made her in Caron Simply soft instead of a DK weight yarn as the pattern stated . Julie had sent me some caron a while back and the colours were perfect for the doll. Thanks Julie :slight_smile: She is 2ft high and looks brilliant . I am so happy with her .
The pattern is Sally anne from the Bootleg kids booklet by Jacquay Yaxley !

Oh, my, she’s just adorable! The detail is amazing! The little bloomers are the perfect touch. Beautiful work – thanks so much for posting.

She is beautiful Rita. Fantastic work as always.

Too cute!! Amazing work!

Precious!!! Love the little bloomers :slight_smile:

that is a very adorable doll. If I had a girl I would be making one!

:happydance: Very cute! I love her little bloomers :teehee:

Oh she is just too cute! You did a great job!

She is so cute! I love all the details on the dress, the stripes, trim and there looks like there is a little textured stitch even. The panties are a kick with all those ruffles. I love the purple shoes with the pearl button. They come off don’t they? Sweet face too. How do you make that kind of nose? Is it added or somehow made right on?

[COLOR=blue]Thank you :slight_smile: I am so glad that you like her.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Her clothes and shoes all come off and the nose is actually knit into the front piece of her face . It is a bobble . She has 4 panels for the head and the front panel has a bobble knitted in the middle . Nothing difficult really:)[/COLOR]

Thank you everyone :):hug:

She looks sooooo adorable! And the project from beginning to end looks like it was so interesting and fun!!!

Looks can be decieving lol . She was not as easy as other toys i have done and took a while . I let out a huge sigh of relief last night when i finished :slight_smile: If i had champagne i would have opened it lol . Glad you like her x

I’m glad her clothes come off. Little girls always enjoy dressing and undressing their dolls. More fun that way.

The nose…a bobble. Of course, why didn’t I think of that. :-)So easy and perfect.

What an adorable little doll. She’s so pretty :muah:

Your work is awsome. Beautiful doll!

She’s so cute! :slight_smile:

Wow! She’s adorable!!! You did a great job with her!

Aw, Rita, this doll is so sweet! :heart:

LOL I have you know that it is not just girls who undress dolls . My son always has to undress any teddies , action figures ect. that he has . But like you say , More fun that way ! :slight_smile:

Doll is complete. Knickers done. Problem is tutu. Pattern doesn’t make sense. Someone help please. Ripped out 4 times so far.