Booties :D

those are booties I’ve made yesterday. I suppose one is bigger than second- but it’s my own fault- I never use a pattern!

Thats pretty good for not using a pattern. Great work

I never use a pattern because… I can’t :smiley:
and I think it’s not really creative… :smiley:

I think they’re adorable, and I can’t see a difference in their size at all!

They look great. Congrats to you! I wish I could not use patterns when creating something!


So cute!

:smiley: Very cute :thumbsup:

I always thought that using patterns is more difficult! :rollseyes:
When I’m starting to knit something I don’t know how it will be look like… I’m like an artist who doesn’t know what will be on his picture or writer who doesn’t know how his novel will end :slight_smile:

:heart: Love the colors!


Drat! And I was getting ready to ask you what pattern you used, 'cause they’re so cute!!!