Bootie strap

Ok, finishing up these cute little sandal booties. They are on page 43 of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Book. I have sewn up the seam and heel. I have a little strap leading up off of the instep. This will be folded over and make a loop for the strap that comes around from the shoe (through the loop to be buttoned on opposite side).
After join sole and back heel seem it goes thus:
Right side facing beg and end within 9 sts of back seam, k up 18 sts along heel for ankle strap ( I believe this makes the little piece that adds height to the back of the shoe (like the old fashioned Mary Janes).

Next Row: Cast on 22 (on what?), k to end, turn and cast on 4 sts (Before the previously knitted row?) What does this “Next row” have to do with the 18 stitches that added height to the back of shoe?

Buttonhole Row: K to last 3 sts (knit which?) k2tog, yf, k1,k2 rows cast off.

Any ideas, suggestions, insights, or just good ol fashioned epiphanies will be most welcome! :knitting:

It does sound a little confusing, but maybe once you get started it will make more sense. I think what you need to do is after doing the heel part that adds the height, just cast on 22 right there at the end of that row so that it becomes an extension of the back part of the heel…that part becomes the strap?

I didn’t see any notes on Ravelry, but several people there have knit them. You might check out this post and ask the knitter about it if you continue to have trouble:

OK, I’m going to give this a shot. :slight_smile: Are these the same booties I helped with before? I’ve been hoping to get to see how they turn out! :slight_smile:

OK, I think you’re right about the 18 stitches adding height to the back of the shoe. After those 18 stitches, you’re going to cast on 22 more stitches, right on that needle, that will be part of the same row as the 18 stitches. That’s the strap.

Now, I think, you’re going to turn and knit back across those 22 stitches and the 18 stitches, and then cast on 4 on the other side of the 18 heel stitches. I’d have to see a picture to be sure, but from the info you gave, that’s my interpretation. I think that’s where you will sew the button. Then you knit back across the 4, the 18 and the 22 up to the last 3 stitches, then do the button hole directions. Then you’ll knit 2 more rows, then cast off.

make sense?