Bootee Help


I’ve been knitting for a while. I’ve started my first what I consider difficult baby bootee pattern. Its the pattern on page 77 of “50 Baby Bootees to knit”. I’ve picked up the stitches, but did not do it in a very neat fashion. I cut yarn at least twice. I have two questions.

My first question is I had the first 12 sititches on the needle, then along the side of the foot I picked up 13 more. Next do I pick up the stitches that already exist on the toe? Or do I make new stitches there? Ok second question. Do you pick up the next set of stitches along the other side of the foot with the same needle?

Thanks, Candace

For what I can picture, you’re doing it right. You do use the stitches that are already there at the toe and then pick up down the other side with the same needle.