Hello all,

I am a new member (yippie)!!
I have been trying to knit a bobble for months now. I looked at loads of web sites and just do not understand how to do it, specially the knitting tinto the same stich business… Can anybody help?

Also I have a problem with the yarn over?



Hi Frenchie,

I’m in the UK too! Yay another Brit!!!

Try the abbreviations explained (far right tab at top) for the knit into stitch and yarn over stuff - there are videos to show you how to do these.


I used to have the most awful time with bobbles & one day I just did it. I’m sure you will get the hang of it. I found that Lily Chin helped me when I saw her on Knitty Gritty and there happens to be a video of her making a bobble right here, just scroll down the page & you will see it on the right…good luck :thumbsup:
And … [color=red][size=6]WELCOME [/size][/color] to the forum :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

THERE IT IS! I KNEW someone had a video of that and i was pretty sure it was DIY…i was driving myself crazy trying to find it but couldn’t find it anywhere. I am so glad Rebecca knew where to look… :cheering:

look at the new person calling them Booobles already! :rofling: methinks someone has been lurking and seen the facination we have with [color=gray][size=2]boobs[/size][/color] around here! :rofling:

:rofling: :roflhard: I thought the same thing, Bren! Frenchie fits right in :thumbsup:

You guys are very welcoming… Thanks for the info and watch this space…

You are knitastic…


I’m bobble-impaired!! I keep staring at that video and it’s just not clicking :wall:

I am trying to make the bobbles for this pattern:

I’ll keep watching and up something sinks in soon!

The wierd thing about bobbles is you knit but don’t pull the stich off and keep knitting ito that same stich. Eventually the stiches will all line up and you pull thos over the last stch (Like binding off) Bobbles are one of those things you really have to have someone show you how to do it. Check inat yer LYS.


I set myself a mini challenge to work out how to knit a bobble, a yarn over and how to M1 this week end… Although really hangover I did it!! The boooble is no more my nightmare…
I followed all your advice, used my poor brain and did it…many thanks.

Next task I am knitting baby bootees for the 1st time