Boombox Bag from KnitGrrl

(this is the boombox bag pattern from knitgrrl. it was created by shannon okey. thanks shannon!!)

knitgrrl site

knitgrrl pattern help group on raverly

:knitting: Enjoy!:knitting:

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I’m sorry, it’s against copyright regulations to post a pattern online. Would you please edit your post and remove it?

I cited the source, so i think it’s ok. Thanks for warning me though!

No it’s not okay, even when it’s a free pattern, it belongs to someone else. The site owners can get into trouble with the designers for having it up on the site. If you can’t edit it, I can do it.

Sorry i didn’t kno. :aww:

If u want the pattern peoplez, plz look for the book [I]Knitgrrl by Shannon Okey[/I] and look for the boombox bag.