Can someone recommend some nice books for simple patterns? I don’t know how to knit in the round so I haven’t tried socks or hats (other than on my kniffty knitter, which is fun for me). I’m doing a hooded blanket which is turning into something I’m not enjoying as much. I think it’s because it’s long and takes a lot see progress.

I’m just looking for fun little projects I can do and see nice results so I can get my excitment back up to work on the blanket.

Or even a good website with some patterns that are beginner stage? Thanks!


go to and look through the patterns on there. bookmark the ones that grab your interest (maybe into folders like “easypeasy” “might take some work” “OMG what do those symbols mean?!” or something shorter! :wink: ) because you will NEVER be able to find them again if you don’t. i say this from experience on that site!

and get a pair of 16 inch circular size 10 needles and MAKE A HAT IN THE ROUND! my mother was watching me make a hat one day and asked how many i really need because i think i was on hat 356 or something like that. knitting in the round really is super easy and i never could figure out what i waited so long for once i started.

:cheering: [size=2][color=olive]me cheering for you to doooo eeeeeeeeeet![/color][/size] :cheering:

I’ll have to look and see about knitting in the round as I wouldn’t even know where to start! Are they’re good directions here? I’ve just barely scratched the surface of this site! Thanks again for the link, I’ll definitely check it out!


I’ll look to see if Walmart carries those needles, if not I’ll have to wait until I go to Longview (45 mintues off) as there is NO yarn shops within an hour of me!

even though you said the “W” word i will still keep talking to you! :wink: Amy has GREAT videos up there on knitting in the round. That is where i learned and after the first project i had to go back and watch again to start the second because i forgot how but that’s what’s great…don’t have to keep going to the LYS to beg for help…Amy is ALWAYS here for us! :smiley:

Once you get used to making hats on circular needles you’ll love it! I usually do the tops on DPN’s, but you can also use two circs of the same size or one long one for Magic Loop. All tutorials are on the tabs above the forum.

Here’s a few links I have to easy hats.
Simple cap for a child/teen
Roll Brim Hat

You can do a search at Knitting Pattern Central. Type in “easy” or “simple” and it bring up a bunch of patterns with that in the title.

oooh and a really nice thing about knitting in the round…if you are doing stockinette only, there is NO PURLING!! :happydance:

Knitting a hat in the round is a perfect beginner project–as Brenda Jo says, dooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeet! :thumbsup:

And we’re all here to help if the directions get ya!

just make sure your circs are only 16inches. you can get about any size and find a pattern to make it work but the length can’t be more than 16 inches …unless you have a gi-nor-mous head of course! :rofling:

The instructions & the videos here… are really amazing… there are a lot of great patterns to search for also, (try also for some great patterns that SEEM intimidating at first but read thru them slowly)

you may have only scratched the surface here… but trust me… you’re gonna be scratching like a dog w/fleas… and get as addicted to knitting as you’ll be to here! hehe…

keep in mind when you do the circular knitting for the first time, keep the needles pointing TOWARD you… otherwise you’ll do the inside out thing (that i did) :wink:

and it REALLY is as easy as everyone says it is… its just a matter of wrapping your mind around it while youre wrapping your yarn around and around :thumbsup:

To me, online patterns are the way to go but if you really want a book–the current issue of Knit It magazine (on stands until April 11) has a few good easy patterns, along w/ a few that you could save for later. Also–last night I was at walmart and picked up a little magazine by the cashier by better homes and gardens called Learn to Knit–has a blond on the cover in a denim jacket and blue multi-colored scarf. It features 23 perfect projects for beginners–I grabbed it for the child’s patchwork pull-over sweater but I noticed it had lots of good beginner patterns in it–hats, scarves, gloves, a cell phone case, a little bag, etc. HTHs.