Books for sale

1- Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook-$10.00-[COLOR=Red][B]SOLD[/B][/COLOR]
2-Great Knits(Great how to book)-$14.00

3-New Directions in Knitting-$12.00
4-Felted Knits-$10.00
5-Debbie Bliss-$10.00
6-Hats a Knitters Dozen(This book has 25 patterns in it)-$10.00
7-Knit the Sweater of Your Dreams(Great how to book)-$14.00

Shipping is $3.00 or less for one book, if you buy more then one book I will need your zip code to calculate shipping.

Thanks for looking:blooby:

i’d be interested in the sock workbook if no one has claimed it …


i got my book today! that scarf pattern is cute :wink: i think it’s definantly in my dd’s future :yay: