Books for sale

The books that I have are
Chick Knits I opened it and looked in it once then put it on the shelf. Good book just not my style.
$9.00 for this book

Floral Knitting
This one is a library book but still in good shape. It is a colorwork book. I just don’t get along with colorwork. I tried but … :shrug:
$6.00 for this one.
I also have Old Time crochet made easy This is a great crochet book that has some really pretty patterns, I just don’t crochet anymore so I don’t really need it cluttering up my bookshelf. $16.00
I also have a Knit n’ Style magazine February 2007 Mag Flipped through once. $5.00

I would love to get a KP gift certificate for the books. Buy one or buy them all :hug:

Still available :hug:

:shrug: Ups? Wrong forum post??

Anyone? :pout: