Books for Sale......SOLD!

I have these for sale…
The Knitters Companian,Vicki Square $10.00
Knitters book of Finishing Techniques,Nancy Wiseman$10.00
Knitters handy book of Sweater Patterns,Ann Budd$ 10.00
All stitched Up, complete finshing techniques$Jane crowfoot$7.00
These are on my blog…

How much are you wanting for shipping?

What ever the actual cost are…Which book and to where,need Zip.

media mail rates need no zip code, and CHEAP!

1 lb $1.55
2 lbs 2.07
3 lbs 2.55
and so on, see USPS site for more…

I sent you a reply…Get back with me,ok? Sissy

Have you alrady sold the Knitter’s COmpanion?? I’m interested, if you still have it!!

I just sent you a PM @ 5:30 pm CST, thanks sissy.

Sooze, I PM’d you again…Sissy

:cheering: These are all SOLD!..Sissy

thanks AMY!

:eyebrow: You are welcome Sooze :eyebrow: