Does any have any recomendations for books with a lot of patterns, Whats the best knitting magazine, and do you know good knitting newsletters to subscribe to?

“Interweave Knits” is a very good magazine, They have a lot of very classy patterns. That’s the only magazine that I have ever gotten. I have gotten a few magazines thinking that they were going to be full of great patterns, but they all turned out to be catalogs.:!!!:
dont waste your time on catalogs, if you really want their merchandise then they all have websites.
I guess Vogue knitting is very good too?
I really dont know about any other magazines, but i am going to start to get some more too, so if anyone has any suggestions then I would be as interested as you.

For knitting newsletters, lots of free patterns: has a newslsetter, too.

Other mags: Knit.1, Creative Knitting, Knit N Style. Your best bet is to pick up an issue of any you see at your grocery story, Michaels, JoAnns, Barnes/Noble, etc. Then you’ll have a better idea of which mags have designs you like.