Book reviews needed

Hi all!

I’m looking to invest in a good stitch dictionary. Something that has a bit of everything.

I’ve been eyeing the Vogue knitting Stitchionary volumes 1, 2, and 3. What are your opinions on those books? Is there any other books you recommend instead of those?

I don’t know those three but I’m quite fond of my “Big Book of Knitting”. It’s an older book but has lots of good color photos and lots of different stitches. HTHs!

I have the Vogue books and they’re pretty comprehensive. I also have a Harmony Guide of stitch patterns which cost a fraction of the Vogue books and has some nice patterns, too. :shrug:

Barbra Walker has an entire series of everything. They can be found at Knit Picks.

barbara walker’s are awe-inspiring, and completely worth the $30 each.
but only the first two.
the others are strictly library use for me.

I really want the bäuerliches stricken series, but haven’t actually ever seen them.

I have the Harmony Guides and they are a great value for the money. You can’t beat the Barbara Walker Stitch Treasuries though. They are the best. Many, many stitch patterns you won’t find in other stitch dictionaries. Volume 1 and 2 are really essential, the others (3 & 4) optional.

those that they mentioned are worth buying… hope you found one that you will use and liking … good luck

Thanks all for the input. After a bit of self-debate, I decided to go with the vogue series. I did look at the Barbara Walker series too, and will probably end up getting a couple of those as well :slight_smile:

waiting patiently at the mailbox for my books to arrive

I LOVE Vogue Stitchionaries! They are very comprehensive. I wish to have them someday. I’ve only oogled at them at the bookstore, but I so wish to have them. I own the Knitter’s Encyclopedia though, and it’s pretty good.