Book Review: Lavish Lace

Lavish Lace
by Carol Noble and Cheryl Potter
Retails about $24.95
Soft cover about 80 pages

I give it 3 smiles. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

About a knitter’s dozen of lace scarves and shawls.
This book focuses on using hand painted yarns for lace work. The beginning gives some advice on chosing yarns and needle sizes.
Each project contains info about designing the lace work, the dyer’s story of how the color way was inspired, learning through swatching excerpt, and tips. The swatches show the pattern in different color ways and weights of yarn. The charts are generously sized. No magnifying glasses needed. It seems to be lace beginner friendly.

Lots of color photos of the projects staged and worn. Pictures of swatches.

Give it a flip through. If you like the patterns, then it’s probably worth a buy. Although, IMO 25 dollars is a bit steep for a small book. Try to find it cheaper.

Anyone else got it? Give your two cents. I like knowing reviews before I buy, so I hope this helps someone.

I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll be on the look out for it. I’m always looking for new design ideas especially lace and cables. Thanks for posting the review!

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Nadja xxx

I got it on clearance (softcover) at Hobby Lobby for $4.96, originally marked $22.95! I just happened to notice it and couldn’t help but getting it at that price! I haven’t done anything out of it yet though.