Book Recommendations?

I am a fairly new knitter and I would love to get a couple of knitting books. 1 as a reference book and 1 for knitting baby/children. What would you recommend?

Thanks! Christy

A great reference book is The Knitters Bible by Claire Crompton - I know several of us here who have it. The Vouge Knitting book is one I’d like to get some day too.

I don’t have any suggestions for baby/children knits.

I hope this helps!

I use the The Knitting Answer Book. It’s simple and easy to read, and small enough to fit in your bag.

I’m looking for a great toddler pattern book too, so I’d like to hear some suggestions as well.

I have a few knitting books. Stitch N Bitch, The Encyclopedia of Knitting, Knitting for Dummies, Teach Yourself Visually Knitting, and Cool Stuff: Teach Me to Knit (kids knitting book).

The one that I find the most useful is the Teach Yourself Visually Knitting one. The pictures are large and colorful and the directions are easy to follow. I used it the other day to learn how to do cables. I also got a lot out of the Cool Stuff book as it’s geared to kids and was easy to use. It has several simple projects to work your way through to get your skills up.

I have a few “how to” knitting books and by far my favorite one is the “Knitting Answer book”. It’s a nice small size but is thick and has all you’ll ever need to know. :XX:

“Knitting for Baby” by Melanie Falick is an awesome reference book…cute patterns too :thumbsup:

Debbie Bliss for baby items.

You can check her out at

I’ve been borrowing a bunch of knitting books from the library to try to figure out which ones are actually worth buying. (I think I’ve got over a dozen checked out at this very moment!) Right now I’m leaning toward the Knitter’s Handbook by Montse Stanley as a general reference. Vogue Ultimate is also good, but I think the Stanley book is a little more thorough overall. I am also probably going to get Knitting from the Top by Barbara Walker, not because it’s a good general reference (it’s not), but because I like her approach to sweater construction. (Right now I’m working on a top-down seamless “set-in sleeve” sweater. Very cool.)

Oh yeah, and the other thing about the Knitter’s Handbook is that it sells for about half the price of Vogue if you buy from

I really like Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book as a reference book.

I also have Stitch 'n Bitch for reference. It was the text used at a “fix it” class I took at my LYS. I like the reference info in the first half of the book. The patterns in the second half of the book don’t appeal to me at this point, but I know some people love them.

Two fabulous baby books that I have & love are:
Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight
Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss

I also really want to take a look at some of the other Debbie Bliss books:
The Baby Knits Book
Simply Baby
Quick Baby Knits
Junior Knits

I was thinking about looking at the Debbie Bliss baby/kids books. I am knitting with some of her cotton angora and love it! Does she have a good pick of toddler patterns?

For general reference I like The Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmerman