Book Recommendation for 2 socks at a time

I am looking for a good recommendation for a book about knitting 2 socks at a time using circular needles. Any suggestions?

I was recomended the 2 at a Time Socks book by Melissa Morgan-Oaks. I got it from the library and I was very pleased. If you joined ravelry, there is a group just for this book.

If you do get this book, there is a bit of errata. You can go to for the fix


There are several on-line tuts, check out these:

Once you get it figured out, it’s pretty easy to take any sock pattern and knit it w/2 circs.

Marilyn, I think she means two at a time not 2 circs… :think:

[B][COLOR=Purple]Here[/COLOR][/B] is a link to get you started. It’s for Judy’s Magic Cast On. If you scroll down, she shows you how to cast on for toe up, two at a time using two circs.

I took a class that used Knitting Circles Around Socks by Antje Gillingham. I’ve enjoyed it. It’s great not to have to deal with Second Sock Syndrome!:slight_smile:

I had planned to buy Melissa Morgan Oakes’ book before taking the class, but got what was required for the class and haven’t ventured beyond that just yet.

I have yet to learn how to knit socks 2 at a time or with 2 circs. I do know how to use magic loop which just uses one long circular needle. I think after Christmas, when I get my Harmony set I’ll tackle socks with 2 circs.