Book/pattern recommendation please?

I’m in search of a pattern for pillow/cushion covers. Preferably with buttons/buttonholes for ease in removal for washing. Just plain stockinette or seed stitch covers would be GREAT!!!


All you really need to do is measure your pillow, figure out the guage your knitting at (for seed stitch or st st, whichever you decide on) and calculate how many stitches you need to cast on.

Buy your buttons, then figure out how big the buttonholes need to be.

Knit the rectangle the size to go down the front, up the back and then 2-3 more inches. Put your buttonholes in the 2-3 inches part. Sew the side seams, stuff the pillow in and button it up. Sew the buttons on somewhere in that process, probably before stuffing the pillow in.

There are tons of pillow cover patterns, but since there are also so many sizes and style of pillows it might be easier to design your own.

If you’re not up for that can you at least tell us what size pillow it is? 18x18, 16x16, etc…