Book light

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend. Just got home from shopping and found this fantastic little light that you clip on to a book or pattern. They have 2 of them on the pkg. for $12.00 at Costco. Same as Sam’s warehouse. It will make it a lot easier to read the patterns at night, I use a standing lamp and it’s still too dark. Sending a picture of it in case anyone is insterested. Rebecca :slight_smile:

I NEED those!

DH likes to watch TV in the dark…he’s like a MOLE-person, I SWEAR. So, there is always a struggle if I wanna knit whilst watching TV with him. Those things would bring me marital BLISS, Im SURE of it!

Do they swivel? could you clip them onto your shirt and point them down??

Yes Kelly they can be clipped to your blouse and it does swivel. It’s like an eye ball.

:thumbsup: Very cool!

I use a book light in the car. When DH is driving, and it’s dark, I clip it to my seatbelt and aim it at my knitting. Road trips are sooooo much better this way. lol

I tried that once myself, but I kept swerving all over the road trying to read a book. :roflhard:

:roflhard: When I started writing that reply, I said “I use one in the car when driving at night…” then figured I should re-word that. :roflhard: