Book knitting pattern confusing

Cannot understand what to do on row 22 for sleeves of a patons aran jumper.
Started with 58 stitches and did pattern of 2k, 2p and 2p, 2k.
22nd row - Rib7, *inc in next st, rib 1, rep from * to last 7 sts, rib 7…80sts.
The 22 row would be a 2 p, 2k pattern.

What I think it is telling me is:-1:
2p, 2k, 2p, 1k, increase in next K, then I cannot understand what to do to get to 80 stitches to end my 22nd row. Can anyone help. Thanks.

You are on the right track. If you do your 2p, 2k, 2p then begin your increase on every other stitch. As you see from the pattern it tells you to inc in next st, rib 1 and to continue this until the last 7 stitches. Repeat what is between the 2 asterisks until the lsst 7 st.