Book: Andean Inspired Knits

I just picked up this book from the library and most of the projects are not something I’d make or wear. But, there is a Lacy Shawl with Fur Trim that is beautiful. I have never knit lace before, but am willing to try. The lace pattern is given in a chart, which I have also never done.

Any resources for learning to knit from a chart?


Hi Candicane,

This knitty article has both a chart with legend and the instructions written out. Perhaps reading through it will help you get the idea of it.

Not all charts are set up the same, however…some do include the purl (or wrong-side) rows if there’s something that must be done other than straight purling on that row.

Good Luck :wink: Always good for the little grey cells to try something new, eh?