Boogie Vest (with pics)

Here’s another Boogie Vest from Knitty.

I knit this with the intention of foisting it upon one of my cousins. I knit this according to her boobies (the 36" size), but it looks like it’s going to be rather large. She’s pretty skinny but this might even fit me :doh: . Dunno why it came out so big, my gauge was correct (well clearly not–but I thought it was :teehee: ).

I finished the crochet edging around the neck, but I still need to tackle the arm holes.

It’s a big shapeless and blobby–if I knit another vest it definitely won’t be in a bulky weight. The cables are fun though!

The wonkiness of my tension really screams at me in the pics, but it looks pretty nice in real life. Also–my seaming leaves a lot to be desired :rofl: .

(Yes those are a pair of handknit socks peeking out at you there!)

The yarn, btw, is Sirdar something or other–Classic maybe? It’s DK-ish weight and I knit two strands together throughout to get gauge. I might like to do a very similar vest and recalculate for DK weight yarn instead.

This yarn used to be a Picovoli:

I didn’t like it and frogged it to make this. I’m not thrilled with this either–maybe I need to look into other yarns :eyebrow: .

This is all leading up to my ultimate end game–a WEARABLE sweater for myself! I figure I probably have enough time to go and lose those 50lbs I keep talking about before I’m ready…Hee! :roflhard:

Thanks for looking…and you get a cookie if read my babbling this far!

Mmmmmmm cookie. Thank you! :teehee:

That’s a lovely vest, I really like the soft colour :slight_smile:

Your vest turned out beautifully–stop apologizing!!! Just look at those cables!!!

I think it’s lovely! and the cookie is my favorite- calorie, sugar, carb free.

Yum, cookies!!

That’s really pretty! Love how the cables split to make the neck!

Looks great! You did a wonderful job on the cables. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the cookie!

Love your vest.

The cables look great - and the color is just fabulous!


You always make me laugh with your very honest comments.

The vest is nice. As others have already said, the cabling is very good.

Every project is a learning experience. Pat yourself on the back, enjoy your cookies, and move on to the next WIP.


It’s beautiful! AUGH now you made me want a real cookie! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments everyone. I’ve already cast on and finished the raglan increases on an Anthropologie capelet for the same cousin. :thumbsup:

I like test-making things for skinny people before I try to make something for myself. :rofl:

Lovely lovely vest, but I better skip the cookie, I’m on WW!