Booga - where did I go wrong? Pics added

Ok - I used the booga pattern, but since it was going to be my first felting, I did not want to use the expensive Noro it called for. I used WOTA. And, I wanted a thicker fabric as my finished product, so I used 2 strands held together. I did up my needle size to a 13, which was probably not enough. I knitted the 64 rounds called for in the pattern, but it didn’t seem tall enough, so I did more - probably 100 in all.

Well, when I felted the bag, it shrunk down so short, it doesn’t look anything like a booga! It’s the right diameter, but probably half the height it ought to be. It doesn’t look bad, per se. Just not how it is supposed to. I kept taking it out of the washer during felting and stretching it, but that didn’t do any good. Any speculations as to why this happened? Was it because of the 2 strands held together? Should I have gone up to an even bigger needle size when I did this? Should I just follow the d@*& pattern and stop “experimenting”?!

I don’t particularly want to stop experimenting. I did winter night and mist held together for 3/4 of the bag and then 2 strands of winter night for the last 1/4 and I really like the way it came together. I just need to know why it shrunk wrong so that I can avoid that next time.

a picture would help a bunch! You know, booga bags are small to begin with. Don’t stop experimenting, but I would need to see it to offer any info, sorry :oops: .

The dimensions on the pattern say 7 1/2 width 8 1/2 height.

Yours looks like 9 width and 8 height so it’s wider but shorter than the pattern. If you make it longer using the 2 strands you should be ok.

Good work, BTW. Keep experimenting. :thumbsup:

I agree, you might just need to make it longer. Remember that felting shrinks more in legnth than in width anyway, and usually changing the yarn for felting will change the dynamics of the entire piece.

Thanks everyone for your input. I think that if I try this again with the double stranding, I will

a) Use larger needles

b) Knit even more rounds than called for

I should have known when the bag was a good size before I even felted it! I was counting on about 25% shrinkage, but I got about 50%. Oh well - live and learn.