Booga? What is this booga of which you speak?

OK, I’ve seen the pictures, but I’m still confused about this. What exactly is a booga bag? I mean, does it refer to the shape? The texture? The size? I’m so confused! Plus, does anyone know where the name comes from?

Just wondering! :smiley:

Karen, obviously a rank beginner…

We speak of this:


karen, i believe it’s the nickname of the person who created it.

Thanks for the replies!

Someday maybe I’ll make one myself… but for now I’m still trying to get this damn knit stitch down… :??

P.S. Where in Bama are you, tigger? Just asking because my husband and I spend a lot of time in NE Alabama singing Sacred Harp… mostly on Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain…

FYI…there are LOTS of post here about The Booga…one frequent complaint is that it is smaller than it looks…easily fixed though :slight_smile:

hey kiro, we are in st. clair county.
i work in birmingham tho.

Hey, the Booga bag is ideal for someone who is just begining. Only two additional skills are needed: picking up stitches and knitting in the round. Neither one is a problem to learn. Plus the felting process covers up a multitude of sins. I say go for it. :thumbsup:

I’ll have to keep that in mind for when I can get past the knit stitch (I can do it, but not neatly yet - in that and also when casting on I keep ending up with the occasional huge loop that seems to come out of nowhere, I have no idea how…).

Tigger, I’ve never spent time in St. Clair County, but I’m sure I’ve been through it (we go to Birmingham at least once a year, sometimes more).

we live in margaret, which is by moody and leeds and odenville.
it’s right across the county line.
we lived in the birmingham area all our lives, but recently moved and are enjoying our new surroundings.
it’s a pain to commute, but worth it in the end.

Do you do the double cast-on method? I do and I have the same issue although I’ve learned to ignor the loop until I’m done and then tie it off and cut it. You don’t notice it. I made a post about it in the help section and didn’t really get any responses so I found a way to deal with it… :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s how I’m casting on. Right now I keep just casting on, trying to knit a few neat rows, ending up with a mess, ripping it out and starting again. I’m determined to get this right, though!

Just read about your “big loop problem”. I use the double cast on method all the time. I tend to think that if you are getting satisfactory results at least some of the time you are probably doing it correctly. I used to have the same problem when I began knitting. It usually came when I didn’t cast on tightly enough and left a big gap between one stitch and another. Every once in a while I also dropped a stitch and didn’t realize it. If that happens right at the begining you’ll see a big gap as well. Hope this helped.