Booga strap question

Have any of you Booga-ers ever put your straps on BEFORE you felted? I don’t know why but I guess I worry about “poking” through my freshly felted project in order to attach the straps…

I was wondering about that, too. I ended up doing them separate on my tote and sewing them on with clear thread and it worked out okay. If you really look you can see a bit of shinyness here and there where the thread is, but for the most part it is invisible.

I did mine afterward & it was actually much easier than I thought it was going to be :wink:

Its very easy afterward. No worry about the felt because the holes almost close up again when the wool has been felted. If you make a mistake its almost unnoticeable. One tip: if you use a ebroidery needle with some thread and put it through the end of your strap and then put both ends through the hole for the strap, you can use both ends of the yarn to pull the strap through the hole rather than trying to push it through :thumbsup: