Booga questions

Ok, so I will follow your all advice about blowing off the dreaded twisted pick up stitch. But here are my questions…DON’T LAUGH!

I get the part about 34 rows of Garter stitch (yay!) Do I cast off before I pick up? Or when I am done with my garter stitch rows, just start picking up around the edges?

:spades:[size=2][color=blue]The Mod Squad was here[/color][/size] :thumbsup:

Just start picking up :thumbsup:

If you bound them off you’d just have to pick them up again!

I get it (after reading pattern more closely)…

Did you guys use 16 inch circulars or 24 inch circulars??? I am going to start this manana…I have 4 hours at a swim meet and the afghan from hell is getting too cumbersome to lug there.

I used 24 inch circs. I started with the 16 inch but it just felt to tight.

I used 16’s; there was a lot less pulling and pushing the stitches around. BUT sometimes they fell off the end if i wasn’t paying attention… or kitty decided he wanted to play with it… :rollseyes:

Just need a clarification:

“Pick up and knit twisted …”

Is this simply knitting through the back loop?


Thanks! :waving:

u bet :wink:

All righty, then. One more thing about the Booga:

What if I made two layers for the bottom of it & felted them together? Does anyone have any experience with doing this? Do you think it would make a more sturdy bag?

I posted in your blog already, but Ill post here, too, so everyone else can see…

Hildie has knit the bottom and a few rows up the sides with a double strand of yarn…that reinforces the bottom somewhat.

I also think, though, that if you dont mind fussing with PU sts and 3nBOs, that your suggestion is a GREAT one!

Well, I’ve already headed up the sides of the bag. So, I think what I would have to do is knit another base, sew it into the bottom, and then felt. I’m not sure I’ll have enough yarn for that, but I could use some of the Lamb’s Pride that I have left over.

BTW … this Noro Kureyon seems to be awfully skinny – like fingering weight – in some spots. Has anyone experienced that w/ this yarn?

i have six skeins that i have wound up here into balls and i think it all seems thinner than worsted weight…i don’t know that i will be able to bring myself to use it for the booga…just doesn’t seem heavy enough for my liking…think i want something bulkier!

plus not terribly fond of it after having wound it :frowning: too dark for my liking…maybe a bag for someone else! :smiley: