Booga Hat?

As I was knitting my Booga this morning Nat began calling it a hat. I bound off and he promptly put it on his head and said “hat”. I think it makes a great hat :lol: .

Oh that is just too cute! He’s not going to let you felt it now! :lol:

yyyyyyup…see what happens when you go around havin’ cute kids! such a shame! :wink: :rofling:

:lol: :lol:

:smiley: That’s SO CUTE!!! No bag for mommie :wink:

He is one smart cookie! LOL Love the rainbow effect, what’s the color?

That’s adorable! :lol:


SO cute!

That is the cutest picture!! Thanks for sharing it!!

What a cute picture! He’s adorable!

So cute! What yarn did you use? It really would make an awesome hat! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. He is a cutie if I do say so myself :lol:. The yarn is Noro #170. I was thinking it would make a great hat as well.

We are suckers for knitting pictures - but throw in an adorable baby wearing the knitting projects - just a priceless picture. He’s beautiful!