Booga felting question

Hi, guys!

I’m knitting the Booga with Plymouth Boku–I’ve never felted before, but my understanding is that it shrinks in the process. The bag is about the size now, pre-felt, that I wanted it to be after felting. If I double the dimensions, is it going to be crazy big?? :?? Or can I just let it shrink and then block it back out to pre-felted size… :?

are you knitting to the specified gauge in the pattern? the intention for most felted items is a pretty good amount of shrinkage, usually around 20 to 30% row-wise and 5 to 10% stitch-wise. (my experience, nothing statistical there.) however, for items that are to be really thick and tight, sometimes a tighter unfelted gauge is called for. a felted swatch is really your best bet if you have the yarn to spare, but keep in mind that felting is an art and not a science. how stretchy is your WIP at this point?

I have been making bags to felt
and I have been impressed by how much Row height I loose (over 50%)
I have not been loosing nearly as much stitch width (about 20%)
but I M having fun with prefelt shape and then seeing what everything looks like after I felt it (soon)


There isn’t a gauge listed…but probably not, because I’m usually a little on the tighter side. But it did finally occur to me to make a gauge swatch anyway and felt it. Now I know how much it shrinks, and I’ve started over, a good 15% bigger.

Thanks for your input, ladies! :hug:

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i’m glad it worked out for you!

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no worries, easy mistake. :slight_smile: happy holidays! :smiley: