Booga Done and waiting for DD!

I finished my Booga on Thursday, felted on Friday, and took it one too many trips in the washer…oops.

The colorway, while gorgeous, is too much pink for me…I thought this one had more orange, green & blue than it actually DID.

But, it came out great, even though I felted TOO much…

It makes a great book bag for my 12 year old. :heart:

Very nice!

Ooooo I love the colorway! It’s beautiful!

I think it turned out great! Your daughter will love it! I really want to make one of these. Did you use Noro?

Very nice! i love the colors!

looks like it’s the perfect size! :teehee:
gorgeous colorway!!!

Gorgeous and I love the colors. Your dd must be thrilled to get such a nice unexpected gift!

That looks like a perfect bag for a 12 year-old. Great job! :slight_smile:

Its Noro 209…one of the new fall colors…or so it said. I got it from YarnBow on Ebay.

Thanks everyone!

It looks great. Guess you will just have to order some more in a different color and make another for yourself.

I just :heart: the color! GREAT job!

It’s wonderful. I’m sure she’ll love it.