Booga bags to begin immediately!

I got all my beautiful wool yarn yesterday! I am so excited! I made my 4 year old pet it with me.

Then I asked her if it was pathetic that I was THAT excited about yarn. She assured me, in her most solemn voice, that it was.:teehee:

I have BEAUTIFUL colors to knit with now. I am making FIVE bags…and each one is different. And because I chose a solid color yarn (instead of noro kureyon), I get to play with the fabric a little, too.

For my sister in law…a rich brown bag (maple syrup) with two wide rust red stripes and a small avocado strip in the middle.

For my other sister in law…a smoky gray bag with thin navy and orchid stripes throughout.

For my brother’s new wife…an orchid colored bag on bottom, with a peacock blue on top.

For my sister…a black bag with one thick gray band.

For my niece…a mini navy bag with avocado and orchid stripes.

I have to finish the last few blocks on the log cabin afghan I am making for my mother in law, and then I can get started on these puppies! I left all the yarn sitting out on my work table, just so I can keep looking at it. My dh asked me last night if I was going to put it away, and then laughed at me because I gave him a look like he was from outer space!

Put it away? He’s lucky I am not draping myself in it and wearing it to bed!!!:cool:


happy dance!! they all sound gorgeous- what lovely gifts!!

(and put it away?! what was he thinking!! LOL!!!)

Oh, he’s so silly:teehee:

What is a “Booga bag”? The only meaning I know for a booga is the stuff that comes out of your nose LOL! (I’m Down-under…)

Here’s a link to booga bag


My dd saw me fondling the yarn again last night, and asked me what colors I was making HER booga bag in.

I’m in trouble. One MORE project for Christmas.

She also decided that she didn’t want me to make her a fish afghan anymore…now she wants a fish scarf. That should be easy enough to maneuver, right?

Oy. Kids!


Yep I was reading your list and was thinking that you were missing one on the list. I know my dd would be expecting one of her own. Of course my dd is older (11) and shares mom’s yarn passion! Nothing like having an enabler right in your own house!

Fortunately, my dd is only 4, so I can make a TINY verson of the bag for her…she LOVES hand knit items and keeps asking me to teach her to knit. But she doesn’t want mommy’s help and she basically just likes to cut the yarn with scissors and pretend the needles are chopsticks.

I give her my scrap yarn and we are both blissfully happy.