Booga Bag

I started this bag last June and had just the i-cord to do for the longest time. I decided with the new year that I had to finish all my WIPs. So I did it! My first i-cord and my first felting. I have a front loader and it went through at least 6 cycles before I was happy with it. ugh But I think it turned out really cute!

I love the colour combo!!

beautiful bag:yay:

Well done! What are the finished measurements? I’m looking for a bag to knit, but want one that is on the bigger side…

i love the bag.
the colours are just perfect


:yay: very pretty!!

It is cute, and I love the colors also.

A Booga Bag is on my list, along with all the other ‘on my list’ things.

That’s great! I love the colors!

That’s nice! Congratulations on a WIP finished! Way to apply discipline! :wink:



Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

It turned out great! Those colors are so pretty! What yarn did you use?

lovely colors and nice job

Really nice. I enjoyed making it and my wife still uses it 2 years later.

It’s beautiful!! I have a front-end washer too…felting takes forever!! I find that it works better if I have lots in the washer with it. It’s worth a try.

PS - I love your resolution…I should try that too :slight_smile:

Thanks! I used Noro Kureyon color #178.

I’ll have to try with more jeans next time. I put it in with 2 pairs. At first I put it in a zipped pillow cover. Then after a few times through, I put it in a mesh bag.

Your booga bag is beautiful and I love the colors! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Very pretty!!

It looks great! :cheering: