Booga Bag

Anyone know how many yards needed? The pattern says how many skeins of a particular yarn, but Im not using that one.

Thanks a bunch.

well are you using the same weight? i would think you can take the weight of the noro or whatever and go from there if it is the same weight.

I assume you’re following the original Booga Bag pattern that calls for 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon? If so…those 50g skeins are 109 yards each. So you’d need 327 yards. Or something close. :wink:

This Noro is worsted weight and calls for 330 yards. I would assume 330 yards of any worsted wool as long as it is feltable (doesn’t say machine washable on it).
I’m using WOTA, the same amt as is called for in the pattern. I haven’t felted yet, will let you know more about how it went tomorrow after felting…that is if I’ve finished the flowers and the curly vines I’m trying to adapt to go with…we shall see.

I’m going to get WOTA or Merino, I haven’t decided yet…

Thanks for the help ladies.