Booga bag

I am about to order from Brendajo’s “Clearance Sale” post and need to know if I can use Noro Silk Garden in making a Booga Bag . Will it felt as well as Noro Kureyon?


No…it will felt some, however the 45% that isn’t animal fiber won’t felt. It can give an interesting texture but it will not be completely felted.

They do have a LOT of Kureyon there. I almost got suckered into buying 3 balls of colorway 95 because i LOVE those colors. But then i remembered how much i don’t love Noro. :wall:

Why don’t you like Noro? Do you think it is ok for a Booga Bag? - The Kureyon , I mean.

it is perfect for it. The original bag was made from it, in fact (The pictures you see with the instructions are the 95 colorway.) I just don’t like the feel of it. I WANT to love it. It really is great when it is felted but i don’t like it much in its original form. And that makes me crazy because the colors are outstanding!

The Kureyon does felt wonderfuly! I used it for a Lucy bag and have more for another project. The colorways are stunning. I, like Brenda, didn’t enjoy knitting with the yarn though - it broke on me a few times and it was itchy to knit with but it was perfect for a bag so since it was a quick knit I was okay with it. I got more because of the colors and it was super on sale! :teehee:

OK, you both convinced me, I am on my way to ordering the Kureyon for the Booga Bag and some Malabrigo just because . Brendajo should be getting a commission for all the people who are buying through your suggestion!

lol nah the more you all buy, the less inclined I am to go back and buy what they haven’t sold! :wink:

What is a Lucy bag?

Here is a place where you can buy the pattern.

They are a great, unique knit!

I have made a bunch of bags with Kuryeon - they all came out great. I gave them to my friends as birthday gofts last year - everyone wanted one. I think you will be really happy with it - it felts great and there are so many colorways to chooses from.

I did make one last month out of a soy yarn - I ran it through the washer just once - not even a long wash and it came out so small - I would never make another one from that yarn. I gave it to my 8 year old neice to keep her camera in… all that work fo rnothing :frowning:

Have fun with your booga bag!