Booga Bag

I just have a question about the Booga Bag. Before picking up the sts. I was doing the garter st.( knit one roll then purl the next roll) for the bottom of the bag. I finished picking up the sts. now I have to knit 64 rows. I just wanted to be sure I was understanding the pattern right. When I knit, do I just knit only for the 64 rolls :thinking: ? This is my first time making this bag.

Thanks for your help :smiley:

According to the pattern, you would have knit the bottom in garter st (which is knit every row). After picking up the required number of st, you will knit in the round for 64 rows. Just keep knitting around and around, no purling.

Ingrid thanks for replying :smiley:
I thought I read somewhere that when you knit garter st. on circular needles you knit and purl :thinking: I knitted flat with the circular needle for the botton. I guess I did that wrong, it should have been all knit sts :?? Thanks for telling me about the knitting and no purling to contiue for the 64 rolls :smiley:

No, you did it right. I didn’t realize the bottom was on circs. Then garter would be k one row p one row. I do a lot of circular knitting, but don’t think I’ve ever been called upon to do garter. Good luck with the bag!

I just looked at the pattern again and it did call for knitting back and forth on the circular needle. That’s where I got confused.

I hope I’m doing alright :lol: This is my first time making a bag :smiley:
Ingrid thank you! I’m still learning how to read patterns, so we will see!

Yep, and when you start knitting in the round it will not look like garter stitch because in the round, knitting every stitch gives you stockinette. Don’t worry about it though because once it is felted, you won’t see the stitches anyways.

This is my first time knitting in the round, so I got scared and thought I would ask here :smiley: I hope I get a bag and not a what is this! :roflhard:
Knitqueen thank you!

I’m sure you will end up with a lovely bag. That’s the beauty of felting - once done, you can’t see the stitches anymore, hence you can’t see any little mistakes or imperfections that might be there!

Can’t wait to hear your progress.

Knitqueen thank you for your support :smiley:

I got some Kureyon in the mail to do this bag…but it wont be till later in the summer…be prepared for lots of questions then!

what’s a booga bag?

inquiring minds



i soooooooo wish i could find kureyon in that color!

thanks Brenda - wow, that’s so neat!

They currently have stock here:
Jimmy Beans Wool
Webs Yarn Store

okay i could swear i looked at Jimmy Beans yesterday and they said they were backordered…oy

THANK YOU!!..have i ever mentioned how much i love color? it is a pretty well kept secret… :roflhard:

Wait a minute…Im a little concerned…

Shelley, were you using your circ LIKE straight needles for the bottom of the bag? You should not have “joined” anything…you should not be working in the round until AFTER picking up those sts. The bottom should have been knit every row, giving you the ridges of garter st, because you were using your 1 circ like straight needles.

I dont know what difference that might make after felting, except that garter st tends to felt up a little thicker than stockinette.

What Kelly said. Right now for this bag it doesn’t matter much since yo are felting… but just for future FYI - what the pattern ment was to knit “flat” for these set of instructions:

Cast on 34 stitches on size 10 1/2 circular needles. Knit back and forth in garter stitch for 34 rows.

The ONLY reason it specifies “circular” needles is becase you will be needing them for the second part of the bag (trying to save you the pain of getting straights for the first part and circulars for the 2nd part)

Thanks ladies for your help :smiley: I did not join in the round until after I picked up the sts. , I also knitted in the flat with the cicular needles :smiley: .