Booga Bag with Pocket

I’m knitting my 2 daughters purses for Easter (getting an early start as I’m still a pretty slow knitter!). I’m using Black Sheep Bag pattern for the Booga Bag but would really like to add a small pocket inside the purse for their cell phones.

Can anyone give me advice on how I can add a pocket to this pattern please? Thanks very much!

In the book felted knits there is a bag with an outside pocket… it has the knitter making the pocket seperately, then slip stitching it onto the main body of the bag. They suggest putting a piece of cardboard in the main part of the bag to prevent sewing through the back layer. HTH.

Thanks very much…I’ll give this a try.

Speaking of the Booga Bag, I’ve read in a few places that some people thought the bottom was flimsy… what do you think? I started one a bit ago, but stopped after I read that. I was thinking about using a double strand on the bottom of the bag, but I only have 3 skeins of my dyelot and I don’t want to run out of the yarn… :?

kmmcall - I’m not sure - BUT I would make the pocket separately and felt it separately and then sew it on. I would be afraid that it would all felt together and there’d be NO pocket!

Helde - Maybe you could use a contrasting color just for the bottom - or just add the second strand a different color at the bottom. What color were you doing? Were you doing the striped version? I want to make it in a more boring neutral color.


Hey - one other thought re the bottom of purse - ever seen that plastic stuff that some people put yarn through and then make like a tissue box or something?? Well how about cutting a piece of that plastic the size of the bottom - and stitching down in the inside?? You could knit a rectangle to put over it that you felt too. You could just felt a rectangle bigger than you need and cut to fit in there. It’s still all washable and it would make it sturdy.

I think that’s a GREAT idea, by George (even if I say so myself)!!!


Great suggestions! Boy I’m really glad I didnt’ start the felting yet or else I’d probably be knitting another pocket! :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent idea about using the plastic and knitting another rectangle to cover it…very clever…
Thank you everyone…god I love this site!!

hmm… yeah i was thinking of just using a double strand for the bottom. What i might do is use one strand of the kureyon (i’m using #138) and then another strand of something else that I have leftovers of, assuming it matches. Which means I need to do another swatch sigh
I like the plastic canvas idea too…and if I use that, it won’t matter what i use on the inside bottom… ooo fun! thanks!!! :smiley:

Hilde - PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE - a swatch for a purse???

I must say that I swear to you I will NEVER make a swatch for a nonwearable item. I promise. I guess you can say I’ll just walk on the wild side and take a chance. Call me…

Dare Devil Jouf

heheh funny :lol: I don’t do swatches for scarves, mittens, hats or non-wearable projects, UNLESS i am felting them. And if i want to use 2 different yarns together for a felted project I usually do 2 swatches, just to make sure. call me anal retentive! :roll:

Hildegard, I knit the Booga Bag some time ago and haven’t found the bottom flimsy. Though I think I used Lamb’s Pride bulky.

Great idea Jouf!

I crocheted myself a cellphone holder for a previous bag that I had, and have attached it to the booga bag I made.

I apologize for the quality of this picture – but that’s all I can do with the copier/scanner we have here at work… Basically I threaded the booga straps through the cellphone pocket I made and it just hangs inside my bag.

The cellphone pocket isn’t felted – its made with some acrylic craft yarn, that looks like the stuff they make “The Sac” from. To make the cellphone pocket I literally crocheted around and around my phone.

I did a chain stitch about 9 stitches long then a single crochet around both sides of the chain to start crocheting in the round. On each round I added a couple SC (single crochet) to each end to start making it wider and then placed my phone in what I’d made to see how much further I needed to expand before I started just going straight up.

When I got to the right height, I crocheted a strap to hang the pocket from and a flap to hold the phone in. (sorry for the sketchy instructions, but I literally just made it as I went). I’ll try to get a better picture tonight.

Jesica, what a cute purse! Crocheting the pocket is a cool idea and will be quick to make. Thanks for sharing!

Cute purse Jessica! Love the bumble bee colors. :slight_smile:

I made Meema’s Felted Tote from Stitch 'N Bitch, but I opted not to do the kangaroo pouch (a little bag connected to the inside of the tote via I-cord). I thought my bag was a little flimsy too, but then I re-felted it and it turned out stiffer. I still wanted more support for the bottom, so I went to Michael’s and bought a rectangle of plastic canvas, cut it to size for the bottom. Now I want to line the purse with fabric and I have enough fabric to make a pocket inside too. I’ll have to take a pic when finished.

My first project and still not done, though I’ve completed many things since!

Yeah I did the exact same thing… I had mine in the washer for 3 or 4 cycles, and now it’s super tiny! but sturdy. it does hold 3 skeins of lambs pride worsted, in addition to my wallet, keys, and cell phone (as i found out when i went to the LYS yesterday, and the lady ran out of bags!)

Scroll back to the first page — I added a photo of the cellphone holder I crocheted for my Booga bag. – Hopefully that helps if you’re trying to make one.