Booga Bag - What do you think?

The Booga Bag is my first major felting project. ( I’ve only tried felting flowers, and that’s a whole 'nother story). I’m using Noro and I added another strand of yarn to the bottom to give it some definition. I’m ready to bind off and I’m not sure what I want to do. It looks as though the top might be rather flimsey. I’m thinking that I might do an i-cord bind off to define the top edge… (Can you tell that I’m in love with Elizabeth Zimmerman? :wink: )

What do you all think?? And of course I’m all impatient, because I want to find out how this bag turns out!


Karen W.

I just did a booga bag too. It doesn’t really matter what the pre-felted item looks like (ie. I wouldn’t go and do a fancy bind-off) because once it’s felted it all looks LOVELY!! Felting covers a multitude of mistakes and imperfections :lol: . As far as it looking flimsy, that gets solved when you fold in the top sides and add the i-cord. I’d be more worried about the bottom being flimsy but you already did a double strand there so that should do the trick.

Good luck!!


I took a piece of plastic canvas and cut it to fit inside the bottom of my Booga - don’t forget to trim the plastic nubbies - use clear button thread to lash the corners securely. Firmest bottom eva without a gym workout LOL

PS - I had to felt mine 6 times b4 I was happy with the shape. Keep trying!

[size=6][color=indigo]Roxy’s 1st Booga[/color][/size]

What a GREAT idea, Rox!

Firmest bottom eva without a gym workout LOL


that took me two reads to get :oo:

roxy…I was denied entrance to see your booga bag :frowning:
I’m very anxious to see it! I’ve just gotten a bunch (BUNCH) of different yarns from knitpicks to do a booga and a sophie and a market bag…so I want to see how some others r turning out
did I do something wrong u think when trying to see your booga bag?

me too…:frowning:

I was able to see it - LOVELY and great colours!! Was that a Noro yarn you used?