Booga bag using scraps

Here is my Booga bag that I swear I am going to keep for myself it is made from scraps from all the other bags I have made I will post more pictures after felting.

I love the colors!!! Great Job!

For using scraps that bag sure is pretty!! Are you going to felt it? :XX:

For using scraps that bag sure is pretty!! Are you going to felt it? :XX:

I started using scraps to make stuff and I’m loving how things are turning out! That bag is so pretty!

Great job - I wouldn’t have believed it if you had told me you were using scraps. The colors are beautiful!

:smiley: Nor would I…it looks like a regular Noro colorway :wink: Great job :thumbsup:

I want more pictures!!!

Thanks everyone I just finished felting and I will post more pics soon all that I did with the colors is cut out the brightest bits of color from the Noro scraps and joined them with the felted join and through in a little cascade here and there the bottom and the handles are all cascade .

Ok here it is all felted I am excited to finish it now!

I love it. Did you use all brands of yarn? Or the same brand, different colors? I am always afraid that they will felt at different speeds, etc.

Your bag is great!

I used bits from different skeins of noro and cascade.

Oooooo!!! :inlove: It’s just gorgeous!

Very cute. I love the colors.

Very pretty! Love the jewel tones!! And even better that you used scraps! :thumbsup:

It looks great!!! :XX: :thumbsup:

Beautiful! You would never be able to tell that it was made from scraps!

:heart: :heart: :heart: Love it! Perfect way to use the yarn - as though the yarn was hand-painted that way.

[color=blue]My first thought was… beautiful colors! :heart: it looks like a “happy bag” :smiley:

moving in 2 days! whoo hooo [/color]

Wow! Love the colors! Great job! :thumbsup: