Booga bag time question

If you were a moderage speed knitter (ie, not Kelly, Silver and Kemp, to mention a few), how long does it take to whip out a booga bag? Trying to decide if this is a reasonable task for Christmas gift in light of my other gifts!!! I am an average knitter…not too quick but not dead slow either. Nothing in the pattern particularly concerns me. Hardest thing looks like picking up stitches and I dun did that before, plus they will felt anyway…

I did mine in about 4 days including the day of felting & drying & the majority of that time was knitting flowers, leaves & vines for embellishments. It’s a fairly quick knit, I think :wink: .

3 Hours, 16 minutes, 25 seconds. :twisted:

<-----Smacks Kelly up along side the head!!!

I just don’t want to tackle a 20 hour project - I want something in the 4-6 hour range to make it workable :XX: :XX:

There’s one good way to find out… :twisted:

And that would be…have Cate knit it??? ROFLMFAO!!!

Ok ok maybe I will cast on tonight or tomorrow. I have needles ready to go :XX:

lol, I’m a horrible gauge for how long things take. I get obsessive and somehow finish things in mere hours or I get bored and take weeks. :rollseyes: