Booga Bag Question

I just finished my first Booga Bag and I’m so excited, it’s drying right now. I have one question about the I-Cord handle. :?? Here are the instructions I’m confused on:

Cut your felted i-cord in half. take one end of the first half and with the bag facing you, insert the i-cord into the near hole on the left side. Then thread it through the left hole on the side of the bag facing you (the end will now be outside the bag). Thread it back into the bag through the right hole and out through the near hole on the right side of the bag. Turn the bag around and repeat with the other length of i-cord.

You will now have two ends of the i-cords sticking out on each side of the bag. Take the two ends on one side and tie them tightly in an overhand (plain old) knot.

I’m somewhat of a visual person and I just can’t seem to get these instructions. Can someone who has made and completed the bag explain it in a little more detail cause I’m at a loss.

Thanks a bunch.

I think there is a diagram that explains it, let me see if I can find it.

Anyone out there can help me with my Booga Bag question?? :oops:

Never mind, I figured it out.

It took me awhile to figure out those directions, too! I kept staring at the photo and finally, after two days ( :rollseyes: ), I had a :figureditout: moment. I doubt very much that I could have explained it to you, though, even if I’d caught this post in time. It is a very visual process.

Glad you had a :figureditout: moment! And your bag looks fantastic!!! :inlove: