Booga Bag question

For those who’ve made one, what yarn did you use? Did you use the Noro-whatever the pattern calls for, or something else?

I have used noro for two boogas and cascade 220 for two I liked the cascade better it was cheaper, felted faster and and feels stronger it doesn’t come in self striping I don’t think but they do have great colors and you can always mix and match.

I used Lamb’s Pride Bulky for the two I made - knit up great and felted beautifully. The regular weight Lamb’s Pride is a better match for the Noro called for in the pattern, but I wanted it to be a bit larger and more sturdy so I went for the Bulky. I think I also went up a needle size (to 11s), but followed the stitch numbers in the directions. One change I made for the second one was using a 4 st I-cord instead of 5 st for the handle (the 5 st in the bulky yarn was thicker than I wanted). After felting and blocking my bags turned out around 9x4x11 and 10x5x12 (the second was obviously not felted as much as the first).

I’ve made a couple of Boogas and a bazillion Oregon Totes (similar w/ some added features) – I’ve used Noro Kureyon, Lamb’s Pride, WOTA and a combination of all of those. I am currently knitting an Oregon Tote using Cascade 220 – first time I’ve used it so I can’t speak about it’s felted qualities yet. :wink:

I was most pleased w/ the bags where I used Lamb’s Pride. I’ve also found it most helpful to use two strands of yarn held together. Of course, if you’re using only Noro Kureyon, then this is a challenge because it’s hard to get the stripes to match up. Anyway, you can hold one strand of a solid coupled w/ a strand of the self striping, and it has a really pretty effect. I have some pics on here that will show you the effect.